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Mangaldeep is genuinely explaining the technicals and clarifying the doubts. I got a clear insight about intraday trading indeed. Truly worth attending HYIT training.

Abirami S

Hello, today after going through your triple supertrends video, i back tested applying the loosers/gainers method of selection of stock for trading and found that it is working beautifully, after paper trading for a week, i will try to trade in real market. Thanks for proposing these systems.

xavier lopez

thats it. …. was confused, when i go for back test TEMA not giving clearly sell signal. But ur combination strategy solve my problem….hnks sir

anurag sharma

The strategy you came up using it is far good ! Glad you like it Bhai ! Very Nicely Explained : HYIT Rocks !

Onkar K

Thanks a lots sir for yours valuable suggestions…and frankly I never like and comment.. but the way of explaining with politeness couldn’t stopped me to comment.. and last sentence “WE CAN GET REACH TOGETHER..With smile.…was awesome.. Hatsup sir. and if possible pls share yours contact details so that we can reach you. Thank you sir…

Om Prakash

Thanks a million sir for your wonderful inputs …l’m
really grateful…aftr watching this video I did an
analysis of few stocks those I traded last week and
realised how efficient this cud be …I’m now
confident that I can be a disciplined trader 🙂

Henry Michael

Bahoot khoobsurat apki Hindi aur English knowledge ton mashalla


ur awesome bro….thanks for sharing valuable knowledge and experience…….really ur last line….” lets get rich together” toched my heart….this shows ur really a kind person and want good of

mayank aggarwal

Amazing Insight on the Indicators, Thank you for the Good Heart for showing the world your strategy as you truely said, thank you Brother and God Bless you” Do good Get good”

Saty P

This is a very detailed trainign program and I highly recommend it to anyone before thay start trading the markets. Mangaldeep is very helpful and leaves no stone unturned.

Hrishiraj Ramachandran

jaisha apka chanel name hai HighYieldIntradayTrading visha hi apki strategy hai thanks

hitesh gami

This is Fantastic!! Best of wishes for your next videos. You explain things in a very friendly, down to earth, yet matter of fact manner. I personally liked your video very much, GOD BLESS YOU !!!

Ashutosh Sathe

thanks you very much for all your video. u r excellent teacher and a good speaker.

vinay jaiswal

I felt really happy that I find Mangal Deep training at the very beginning of my trading career. Trust me guys, I don’t know anything about Stock Market before February 2017, earlier I tried binary options and kicked out of the market (I don’t know anything I just gamble). Then I started studying about stock market and found his YouTube videos very interesting. I liked his way to explain things very simple, he continued the same way in training too.

Kumar W

One of the very useful strategy I have ever heard of
Thank you sir

Arivarasu R

Another great video bro. Everything i know about day
trading is because of you. Cannot thank you

Indra Mukherjee

Nice video Sir.was waiting for a new video from
you..great to see it

Anupam C

The overall program is very good and helps us to understand the basics and advanced concepts/strategies related to trading. Yes, I had phobia that intraday trading is risky and we can’t be profitable. These myths have been cleared out.

Lokesh Kumar

Nice video Sir.was waiting for a new video from
you..great to see it

Anupam C

Very informative video, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with other traders..Always it great learning to watch all your videos..

Rajesh Kumar

Wonderful training that I was looking to enter into the market.

Mohan R

sir ji again hats off for ur knowledge. seriously ur
Master of market analysis…

Hemant Dave

I really like your efforts sir. learnt lot of thinks from
your channel. thank you so much ,keep up your good

youtube dubmates

sir, it is an ultimate video. today i worked on it and earned a bit. i am happy in this market where there are fraudster are more. good people like u are helping us to learn more. i saw ur having few videos

Yunus Saleem

I did some Backtesting with your strategy seriously awesome strategy so far !!!! thanks 🙂

sunil dev

Mangal deep Sir once again hats off for you we are fond of your videos and your hit discord channel


It’s been great, since I am new to intraday, Mangal’s way of explaining things are simple and easy to follow. 

Anand Nayak

thanks for coming back bro, great video as you do always. Thanks and keep going.

raja p

I am very impressed by the high standards of the HYIT Program, the quality of the mentoring, depth of knowledge, dedication to coaching and trading experience that Mangaldeep brings is huge. This training is very clear, very thorough yet simple to follow. Essentially, everything anyone needs to become a profitable trader is covered quite well in the lessons.

Shaun Anand

Again rocking brother amazing video keep it up

yatender singh

What I felt different it about this training is that, it teaches you “how to trade”. I really liked the way how our bro designed the course, it is totally designed based on his experience. He will never gonna give you any book is knowledge.  You will not learn any formula in this training. But you will definitely learn how to close your day in green.

Deepankar Debnath

Midway into the training I do feel that Mangaldeep and his team are doing a pretty good job. I have learnt quite a bit. Mangal Deep is a very dedicated person in the way that he does want the trainees to learn and earn and not just put that trust in anyone providing tips. It is good that Mangal Deep does not act like a “know all” guy. It takes a lot of courage for a teacher to accept that there are many things that he is yet to learn, especially in something that he is teaching. However in the same breadth, what he knows, he sure seems to have a great command over that and the best part is that he has been practicing that over a period.

Hiren Dave

As always your the best

Tharig Anwar

Fan of you since your first video….

Onkar k

Just wanted to drop in and give my sincere thanks to you. I followed the TEMA Strategy along with 3 Supertrend & ADX in Intraday Equity. Followed all the rule and made 15% Profit on my capital on an investment of 7500. Hoping to make same similar ssSS daily.

Milind Desai

Hi, I am a beginner and your videos will definitely help me. I have watched around 100 videos regarding technical analysis but your setup seems to be easy and profitable for sure. Thank you very much. waiting for more videos from you.

junaid ahamed

I have been in your discord group since the 20 days, I
have learnt a lot of things from this group and from
your youtube videos which no one can explain like
you sir, such a great way of explanation, great sir.
Thank you sir once again.


One of the best detailed and friendly approach i have come across. Kudos to you brother. Keep up the good work and keep spreading happiness. God bless you

Health, Lifestyle & Prosperity

ha ha is that so simple. u guys are really doing wonderful experiment. i m eagerly waiting for your next video

mangesh pokale

Training is well paced with details on how to take intraday trade. Mangal has adequate knowledge about security market. Would suggest to join with him.

Laxmikant Lahoti

your videos are really nice so is your way of teaching… incredible way of learning…pls keep sharing all new techniques to all your fans…

Santosh d

Again a big bang from u sir awsm waiting to take
training from u sir


That’s called a boss trade bhai ! Its not easy for a normal tom dick harry to take such trades! This shows how you are very very sure your with your technical, Decisions & Knowledge ! Really Motivating

Onkar k

Thanks clears a lot of confusions .. thanks ..

Sunny S

You have done it amazingly simple. Thanks for the
tech anlysis basics.

Dr. Rahul Kulkarni

You have done it amazingly simple. Thanks for the
tech anlysis basics.

Dr. Rahul Kulkarni

I’ve understood and learned a lot from you, many

Azim Maudhoo

Very nice & helpful video, most of the day im opening youtube & looking your new videos are there or not, because its giving positive energy…

Mhd Rafi

thanks bro, you are great sharing precious ideas in a very unselfish way with a very good accent…wishes to see some more videos in future…God blesses

Timing R Nongrum

Awesome strategy! I am extremely thankful to you Brother, I have finally ended up making losses by making good profits because of your precise training. And regarding the words you said at end of this video

Tejas Keeer

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