Crudeoil Futures Intraday Trading

This segment is a money minting machine

Know a bit more about it

This segment is HYIT’s favourite & is normally liked & traded by the people who love volatility. Trading in this segment is suggested for the traders who are not new to trading & would have traded live in any other segment. The reason for this is, Crudeoil is highly volatile & it can give big moves within a matter of seconds. So if you are someone who is not used to the fast moves in the stock market, then you might freeze by seeing such moves. The point here is, you need to be a bit experienced to handle Crudeoil. It might be sounding simple but people face the anxiety when it moves ruthlessly against the anticipated direction. So it’s always better to know the negativities of a particular segment that you’re going to trade, so that you can prepare yourself accordingly. Also undoubtedly, Crudeoil Trading has the potential of generating huge profits, if traded properly but at the same time you need to take care of the down sides as well. But once you get a hold of Crudeoil Trading, there will be no looking back & you will be making insane money.

What’s our approach ?

Most of the time it has been seen that the traders forget the basics and are too concentrated in the advanced concepts. Getting indulged in the advanced concepts is fine but the more advanced a thing is, the more complex it becomes. So we always encourage the traders to stick back to the basics, since they are the building blocks of the setup or the strategy. So this is exactly what we cover in our training program. We start with the very basics, explaining about the various components involved in the setup & slowly move to the advanced concepts, which eventually builds the final setup or strategy.

What will you be able to do post completing the training

  • You will be able to find & make your own trades by deciding the entry, exit & the stop loss.
  • You will be able to handle & use the huge volatility to your advantage that Crudeoil provides.
  • You will be able to have profit strike rate of more than 80%.
  • You will be gaining a strong sense of anticipation & will be able to anticipate Crudeoil’s future movement.
  • You will be able to do a refined Technical Analysis.

Topics to be covered

Introduction to the basics of Crudeoil Intraday Trading

  • Crudeoil Market details – MCX
  • Day Trader’s psychology
  • Risk Management
  • Money Management
  • Time Management
  • When to trade the Crudeoil market
  • Shoud the Crudeoil closing session be traded
  • How to trade Trending Markets
  • How to trade Sideways/Flat Markets
  • Intraday trading systems for various kind of intraday traders
  • How to trade with multiple time frames

Technical Analysis

Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Basic Technical Analysis
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
Charting Basics and Techniques
  • Trading with Price-Action
  • Trading with Indicators & Oscillators
  •  How to trade with the combination of Price-Action & the Technicals
Candlesticks Patterns
  • Location and usage of candlesticks at the right place
  • Location and usage of candlesticks at the right time
  • Emotions/sentiments behind the candlestick formation
  • Where and when do the candlestick pattern work most efficiently
  • Usage of candlestick patterns to find trend continuations
  • Usage of candlestick patterns to find trend reversals
How & Where to place Stop Loss
  • How SL should be used by Intraday Traders
  • Where SL should be used by Intraday Traders
How and where to use various Time Frames
  • Time Frame to be used by Intraday Traders
  • How to get in sync with multiple time frames & trade
Trend Analysis
  • Trend analysis for Crudeoil
  • How to trade with the trend
  • How to trade against the trend
Support and Resistance
  • What things/components can act as a support/resistance
  • When to take trades that are supported by support/resistance
  • When to exit trades depending on support/resistance
  • How to use support/resistance for Entry, Exit & SL
Position Sizing
  • How to decide how many lots should you trade with

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